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Welcome to Flextech Solutions!  We are an OEM Automotive Supplier of custom built test equipment.  The days of engineers and software developers' desks covered with single colored wires and hacked together harnesses in an effort to test an ECU (Electronic Control Unit/Module) are gone!  We provide the automotive ECU developer a better way to test ECUs.  We can build you custom harnesses to test a single ECU or multiple ECUs.  Or better yet, how about a complete custom built desktop sized test bench dedicated to testing your ECU, but versatile enough to add nodes for a few system tests?  And for the system engineer, enter the complete vehicle buck, the complete vehicle of ECUs laid out for you.  On your way out to the plant?  Take a Mobile Tester with you as carry-on luggage and you are ready to plug in and test as soon as you arrive.  Need to cram this year's ECU into last year's vehicle?  We can help with our vehicle adaptor harnesses.  Or, just need to find a way to keep that sleepy ECU awake during environmentals?  No Problem.  The possibilities are endless and solutions plentiful with Flextech.  So, when you are ready to get wired, call Flextech Solutions!  Please see our PRODUCTS and GALLERY page to learn more or email bdunwell@flextechsolutions.net.


Featured Product:  The Virtual Vehicle 3

Many Vehicles these days have multiple CAN busses, each assigned for communication in specific sectors of the vehicle.  All of these communication lines must also have a way to pass information back and forth to each other.  The Virtual Vehicle 3 has three CAN buses and includes the MyCANIC J2534 interface which can be used as a pass through interface to connect a computer to the test bench to run the SimuCAN vehicle simulation engine. The MyCANIC can be used to host custom firmware that keeps Electronic Modules awake on the CAN bus through simulated messaging.  The result is that the Module under test receives the vehicle messages it needs to stay awake for testing, and through custom software, gives the test engineer the ability to control CAN bus messages to induce specific behavior to the Module under test.  The Virtual Vehicle 3 can be customized to include any features the test organization may need.  It's on-board power supply can power up to 10 ECUs at once, allowing the user to create a mixed mode simulation system, with some live ECUs present, and other ECUs simulated.  This is very useful for system level testing.  The Virtual Vehicle 3 also uses the fastest ECU reflasher on the market at its core, so reflashing ECUs is a snap.  Contact us today to find out how to customize your own version of the Virtual Vehicle 3.  Please see our Gallery Page to learn more.

-Full Vehicle Simulation Support
-Three Hi Speed CAN Trancievers
-8.5 amp onboard Power Supply
-Mil Spec Trim Trio Circular Connectors
-120 volt and 220 volt compatible
-Multiple Enclosures Available for your Custom Application.
-Metalphoto Control Panel capable of having actual photographs printed in your custom panel.
-Bus Termination Switches
-Built from the finest components available
-Nearly limitless diagnostic and vehicle messaging customization can be done.
-Customize to any automotive CAN based application


Featured Product:  32 Channel Audio Amplifier Load System: 

Packaged in a 3 DIN Space, 19" rack chassis, connect Amplifier Outputs to 8 or 2 ohm loads, or connect to an off-board passive monitor through the banana jack connections.  50 watt wire wound load resistors with suppmental 5051 heat sinks.