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Flextech Solutions builds hundreds of harnesses per year, for many different applications, and for many different customers.  The list below is intended to represent common automotive test harnesses that are built for uses ranging from simple test leads to multiple harness sets.  Please inquire about your specific needs. 

Standard OEM Desktop Harness.  This 4' harness contains all required circuits for functional testing of a single ECU:  Batt, Gnd, CAN Bus, and Speakers.   The harness is terminated with the ECU connector on one side and Dual Stackable Banana Jacks and/or DB-9 connectors on the other side per customer specs.  This harness uses standard Flextech Solutions color codes with UL1569 20 gauge wire, twisted pairs where applicable.  Stackable banana jacks/plugs make adding additional ECUs easy.   


ECU Test Harness:  The ECU Test Harness is terminated with its OEM connectors on one side which mates to the Device Under Test.  The other side of the harness is fitted with the customer's choice of connector to interface to test equipment.  Typcially, we use Mil Spec circular connectors from Burndy, the UTG series with 30u Gold Plated pins and sockets.  The harness is heavily strain relieved, and covered with expandable sleaving to protect wires and cables within the harness.  Also shown in this photo is an adaptor.  Sometimes a client would like to use an existing legacy harness for a new piece of equipment, or vice versa, and in many cases the connectors do not match, or if the same connectors are used, perhaps the pinouts would not be the same.  This is an example of when we would emply an adaptor harness for connectivity.