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The Mobile Tester:  This "bench in a box" was originally intended for traveling engineers that needed to perform off-site testing at assembly plants.  However, since we built the first one, our customers have come up with tons of new use cases for the mobile tester.  There are now many different versions of the mobile tester, from single ECU tests, to entire vehicle systems with multiple busses.  This is currently our most popular test bench, and it is no surprise. Portability means usability, and with a mobile tester, there is no compromise. Carry on approved.  Let us lay out a mobile tester that suits your needs today! 



-Full vehicle simulation support


-Three hi speed CAN transceivers 

-8.5 amp onboard power supply

-Mil spec trim trio circular connectors

-120 volt and 220 volt compatible

-Harness storage cavity

-Metal photo 1/8" aluminum panel
-Company logos and custom fan shrouds for a personalized touch
-Auxiliary banana jacks to tap into power or com bus
-Vehicle simulation features such as remote radio switches, ignition switch, and other I/Os
-Check key-off battery drain and IOD current




The Desktop Tester:  This is the original Flextech Solutions test bench.  Our legacy benches were made from Rexroth extrusion, but in recent years, we have developed a keen fondness for laser cutting custom shapes to suit the exact need and dimension for each bench, even if the order quantity is 1 Each.  There are many accessories available for the desktop tester, and we add new ones every day.  The desktop tester is a complete test bed for the engineer performing functional tests.  Many also use the desktop tester in performance testing as well by hooking up measuring equipment to its switchable banana jacks.  There are now many different versions of the desktop tester, from single ECU tests, to entire vehicle Systems with multiple busses. 



-Full Vehicle Simulation Support

-Onboard EEPOD MyCANIC J2534 Interface/Tool

-Three high speed CAN transceivers

-12.5 amp onboard Power Supply

-120 volt and 220 volt compatible

-Metal photo 1/8" aluminum panels with custom lettering

-Company logos

-Monitor points for both front and rear panels

-Auxiliary banana jacks to tap into power or com bus
-Vehicle simulation features such as remote radio switches, ignition switch, and other I/Os
-Automated network bus speed change with Vehicle Configuration Selection

-Switch speaker outputs from radio to amplifier





The ECU Reflasher:  This bench is typically used for ECU re-flashing when a large number of ECUs need to be re-flashed quickly.  There are many profiles in the segment to choose from.  We offer a tester with a standard OEM connector, or can even custom design a pogo-pin fixture capable of very high cycle count and fast ECU changes.  All ECU re-flashers we make feature the fastest re-flash tool on the market - the MyCANIC from EEPod.  The ECU re-flasher can be found in assembly plants and quality control departments throughout the automotive industry.  Its low cost, size, and speed make it the best desktop solution for re-flashing modules.   



-Full vehicle re-flash support


-CAN hi and low speed

-12.5 amp on-board power supply

-Mil spec circular connectors






The Mini PCB Tester:  This is also called a "Bare Bones Kit" around the shop, but one thing all customers call it is "GREAT!"  We came up with the Mini PCB Tester for those who wanted all the important guts of a test bench like full vehicle simulation, multiple bus speeds, and power supply, but did not want a bench. So, in essence, the Mini PCB tester is a fully functional test bench, just without the bench. As a result, the components such as the controller, power supply, MyCANIC tool, harnesses and cable will simply sit out on a desk or in a drawer, instead of tucked away neatly in a bench, but you have all you need to run functional tests and demonstrations. These are great little rigs to integrate into your environmental test equipment or assembly plant test stations. This is as Hi Tech and Low Buck as it gets. 



-Full Vehicle Simulation Support

-EEPOD MyCANIC J2534 Interface/Tool

-Three high speed CAN transceivers

-12.5 amp power supply

-120 volt and 220 volt compatible

-Power-coated 1/8" aluminum panels and/or easels with custom etching

-Easily add ECUs or change configurations.
-Vehicle Simulation features such as remote radio switches, ignition switch, and other I/Os




Desktop Screen Mounts





  Audio Test Equipment:  Audio is a passion for us.  We offer audio test equipment to compliment your audio analyzer rack and integrate into your larger scope performance test system.  We also offer simple desktop solutions for quick and easy tests.   Switchers, muxes, impedance matching, full dissipation loads - we'll have a solution for you whether you a running a full HAFT 4000, a simple AP system, or just want some impedance matching loads for quiet monitoring at your desk.  Our simple Desktop Audio Mux tester allows a test engineer to connect to a set of speakers and then switch which audio outputs are connected to those speakers, or connect to loads.  This is designed for those who do system level tests.  Our rack mount load system is available in 12, 24, 32 or even 64 channels and allows the user to select between two different 50 watt loads (2 ohm, 4 ohm, 8 ohm, 16 ohm, or custom).  The front panel mounted banana jacks also let the user bypass loads and send powered signal out to monitors if preferred.  Various switch types are available, headphone monitoring, and different levels of muxing allow a very customizable solution. 

-High quality PCBs

-C&K 7101 series switches

-Mil spec connectors









The Breakout Box:  A breakout box is a great way to operate an ECU by building your own source to provide power, CAN, and actuator or sensor data through a junction point panel.  Breakout boxes also provide a test point between two devices, for example, between the vehicle and an ECU.  We have some proprietary designs in the breakout box arena that address the shortcomings in traditional break-out boxes.  Our breakout boxes are supremely efficient in both function and space management.  In addition, we eliminate the need for an external shorting bar with our junction switch keeping the control panel tidy.  We also offer test specific breakout systems where we can provide sources such as voltages, ground, analog data such as speed, and other on board features.  Bring your requirements and let us design a custom breakout system for you.